Hollyland Mars 400 Dual HDMI Wireless Video Transmission System

MSRP: $539.00


  •  400ft Transmission Range
  •  Less than 0.1s Latency
  •  HDMI Input & HDMI Loop Out, Dual HDMI Output
  •  Mounting Batteries for Both the Transmitter and Receiver
  •  6~16V DC Power Input
  •  1 Transmitter with Multiple Receivers
  •  Smart Terminal Monitoring
  •  Smart Channel Selecting
  •  USB Firmware Upgrade
  •  OLED Display
  •  Stable & Reliable Industrial Metal Case


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Hollyland MARS 400 wireless HD video transmission system. The product uses currently newest encode, decode and 5G wireless transmission technologies. And can achieve ultra-low latency video transmission. It transmits over 400ft with a clean line of sight (LOS), supports up to 1080P 60Hz resolution, and in the end achieves Full HD HDMI video transmission.

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