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Review: Hollyland MARS T1000 Full Duplex Wireless Intercom System
Loaded with features missing on intercoms costing much more, the new MARS T1000 offers exceptional value for small and medium sized church productions.

Cinema5D Review on MARS 400S

Hollyland MARS 400S Multi-Platform Wireless Monitoring System Introduced
Hollyland, the Chinese company specialized in affordable wireless data/video/audio transmission solutions, has introduced a new HDMI/SDI wireless monitoring system: the Hollyland MARS 400S. With a claimed range of 400ft (120m), this tiny wireless system can also transmit video to iOS and Android devices via an App. Let’s take a closer look at it!

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Hollyland Solidcom M1 Full Duplex Wireless Intercom System

Hollyland Solidcom M1 Intercom System This turnkey intercom package for small- and mid-sized productions, including those in churches, is full-featured but unconventional. Operating range is impressive, as is the battery life ...

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