Hollyland Syscom 1000T Full Duplex Intercom System (1 Base Station 4 Beltpacks)

MSRP: $4,580.00


* A full-duplex wireless intercom system with 1000ft transmission range

* Each beltpack comes with a built-in large capacity lithium battery, and supports type-C interface charging and 2A fast charging

* Support wireless tally. The large size color LCD screen can be used as a tally indicator

* With a strong and sturdy professional LEMO headset interface

* Support dynamic microphone headset to effectively reduce environmental noise

* Compatible with 3.5mm headphones, such as Android/Apple headphones

* All beltpacks have Advance Menu function for multiple working modes setting

* Support up to 10 calls (8 beltpacks, 1 base station and 1 analog audio input)

* The base station supports Mute function. Press “MUTE” to mute all beltpacks

* The base station has 1 set of 4-wire analog interface to support two sets of base stations in series, and can be used to connect with other audio systems

* Easy to operate, plug in and play

* Support USB upgrade


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This Wireless Intercom System contains 1 base station, supports up to 8 beltpacks and wireless Tally. It also supports one analog audio input.The system can seamlessly communicate with the voice and tally ports of the universal switcher with its wireless Tally distribution.


The Base Station supports AC & DC wide voltage power supply. Each beltpack is powered by rechargeable lithium battery, easy to carry, and the customer can use any number from the 8 beltpacks according to the need.

Base Station



4 Antenna Interfaces(SMA-K Female Connector)

AC Type Power Socket AC Input

4-pin XLR Male Connector DC Input

3.5mm Headphone Port

8-pin LEMO female Connector Headphone Socket

3-pin XLR Female Connector Gooseneck Microphone Input

3-pin XLR Female Connector Audio In

3-pin XLR Male Connector audio out

DB25 Female connector, Tally input

Type-C USB 2.0 Interface

Dispaly Upgrade USB 2.0

2 Antenna Interfaces(SMA-K Female Connector)

3.5mm Headphone Port

8-pin LEMO Female Headphone Socket

3.5mm Tally output

Type-C USB 2.0 interface

Power Supply Voltage Range

10-20V DC Input;110V-240V AC Input

4000mAh Polymer Lithium Battery

Power Consumption




About 2921g

About 302g


(L x W x H): 482.6X175X44.4mm

(L x W x H): 120X71X25 mm

Frequency Band


Transmit Power


Maximum 24dBm







Modulation Mode


Receiving Sensitivity










Temperature Range

0 - 40°C (Working); -20 - 60°C(Storage)

0 - 40°C (Working); -20 - 60°C(Storage

Signal-to-noise Ratio



Frequency Response


300Hz to 4KHz




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