Rent Fujinon T.3.5/20-120mm 4K Lens



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Owner's Notes

From Manufacturer:

Camera specifications: Super 35mm PL Mount camera
Focal length:20mm - 120mm
Zoom ratio:6x
Minimum object distance (M.O.D) 1.1m/3.61ft
Object dimensions (at the M.O.D) [Horizontal x Vertical] 20mm 1109mm x 624mm
120mm 182mm x 102mm
Angle of view [Horizontal x Vertical] 16:9 aspect ratio 20mm 63°41′ x 38°30′
120mm 11°49′ x 6°40′
Approx. size (ö x Length) ö114mm x 239mm
Approx. Weight Approx. 2.9kg (with drive unit) / approx. 2.4kg (without drive unit)

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