X WALL - All-in-one LED Display

  • Seamless and Bezel Free
  • Standard 16:9 Ratio
  • Miracast Wireless Sharing
  • 160° wide viewing angle
  • On Stands, Wheels, or Wall mounting options.
  • 110", 138", 165" and 220" sizes
  • Wifi, USB, HDMI - Plug and Play

First Choice Solution for Conference and Control Rooms, Corporate, TV studios, Classrooms and more.

X-Wall by QSTECH

All-in-One modular design, slim, light weight and space saving
Versatile with external devices, wireless screen transmission,
remote video conference, and multi-windows splicing
Seamless surface, adjustable brightness and color temperature,
100% image restoration
Installation to be finished within 1 hour by 2 person

Space Saving Slim Bezel, Modular, Fast Installation.

Make every seat a VIP

· 160° super wide viewing angle and 2-30 meters long visible distance to make every seat VIP.

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